April 25, 2018

About MABE

Member Services Brochure

Founded in 1957, the Maryland Association of Boards of Education is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to serving and supporting boards of education in Maryland. MABE is a leading advocate for public education in the state.

All 24 Maryland boards of education are members of MABE.


The Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE) is a champion for public education in Maryland.

Members value the education, advocacy, and services they receive from MABE. The support, networking, and solidarity found at MABE enhance and inform a board member’s service, enabling them to achieve their highest potential as leaders.

The education community values MABE as a fully vested partner and strong advocate for public schools.  Elected officials and public leaders look to and rely on MABE’s perspective and principles to inform their decisions, enabling them to govern in the best interest of Maryland’s public schools.

Businesses view MABE as an association with the integrity and credibility to connect them with member boards. Members rely on MABE’s expertise and vigilance in partnering with businesses that will enable them to operate their school systems more effectively and efficiently.

MABE staff is respected for their work supporting local school board governance. Staff strive to support our members by regularly assessing our needs, keeping current, availing ourselves of learning opportunities, and insuring the financial health of the association in order to sustain MABE’s mission.

MABE remains dedicated and vigilant to our purpose – to advocate for local school board governance as the cornerstone of excellence and equity in public education. We consistently challenge, educate, and support our members, enabling them to create and maintain excellent public schools for all of Maryland's children.


The mission of the Maryland Association of Boards of Education is to provide members with a strong collective voice, and to support local school board governance through professional development, advocacy and member services.

Core Values:

Our core values are integral to who we are and how we work. They are the guiding principles by which we conduct ourselves as we seek to fulfill our mission.

We serve public school boards above all else.

We champion local governance.

We create collaborative relationships.

We value the diversity that enriches our school communities.

We are a safe place to learn, laugh, share, and network.


Professional Development:

We provide the skills and knowledge required for our members to become effective leaders engaged in governance that promotes excellent public schools for all of Maryland's children.


We serve our members by being advocates for public schools, for local control of education, and for the leadership and legal authority of school boards.

Member Services:

We provide value-added services that enhance the efficiency and capability of school system governance, management and operations.