August 4, 2015


We strive to be the primary voice for public education in Annapolis. Our unity on behalf of all 24 boards lends strength to our influence in the legislative process. Services include lobbying representation through oral and written testimony, and regular publications to inform and involve members in the legislative process.

At your request, MABE staff are available to present your board with legislative updates and offer legislative advocacy assistance. For more information, please contact John Woolums at 

The Advocacy Toolkit: A Guide to Effective Education Advocacy is intended to complement board and board member efforts by providing a portable guide to assist in lobbying local, state, and federal officials on behalf of Maryland’s outstanding public schools and students. In addition, MABE has developed presentations on Effective Education Advocacy for Board Members and Effective Education Advocacy for Local Communities,   

To obtain an Advocacy Toolkit, please contact Sandi Barry at



General Assembly

MABE strives to be the primary voice for public education in Annapolis. The unity of 24 local school boards lends strength to our increasing importance in the legislative process, ensuring that the Governor, General Assembly, and State Board of Education turn to MABE to help determine what is best for school children.

MABE’s Legislative Committee holds monthly meetings to guide the Association’s lobbying activities in Annapolis, and invites policy and legislative leaders to exchange ideas. The Director of Governmental Relations, in coordination with MABE leadership, conducts direct lobbying activities including written and oral testimony before the General Assembly. MABE adopts and publishes and annual Legislative Positions publication and a Session Summary.

MABE coordinates the Green Street Coalition, which is comprised of legislative liaisons from school systems and the superintendents association, and MABE staff pens the weekly GreenSheet update on legislative activity.

MABE's Annapolis Advocacy Center

State Board of Education

In addition, MABE staff and members of the Board of Directors attend each meeting of the State Board of Education, and staff pens The Monitor, which provides a comprehensive summary of each meeting. MABE frequently informs the State Board of the Association’s positions on priority issues through testimony, correspondence, and meetings.

MABE’s State Board Advocacy Center

Federal Government

MABE encourages all boards of education to engage in advocacy at the federal level to ensure that our federal officials are well informed on the priorities and perspectives of local school systems and the fiscal and policy issues arising under the myriad federal programs impacting public education. MABE's Federal Relations Network (FRN) Committee is comprised of board members appointed to represent the association in communicating NSBA and MABE positions to Maryland's federal delegation, including our two U.S. Senators and eight members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

MABE’s Federal Advocacy Center