October 31, 2014

Annapolis Advocacy Center

MABE’s Legislative Committee holds monthly meetings to guide the association’s lobbying activities in Annapolis, and invites policy and legislative leaders to exchange ideas. MABE’s Director of Governmental Relations, in coordination with MABE leadership, conducts direct lobbying activities including written and oral testimony before the General Assembly. MABE also coordinates the Green Street Coalition, which is comprised of legislative liaisons from school systems and the superintendents association, and produces the GreenSheet newsletter highlighting MABE's positions, bill status updates, and Calls to Action during the legistative session.

2015 Legislative Session

The 2015 legislative session of the Maryland General Assembly convenes on January 14, 2015 and adjourns 90 days later on April 13, 2015. In advance of the legislative session, MABE annually updates its Continuing Resolutions, which provide the foundation for legislative and policy posistions in the coming year. On October 1, 2014 local board members approved Continuing Resolutions for 2014-2015, and on October 20, 2014, MABE's Legislative Committee adopted 2015 Legislative Priorities and Positions.

MABE looks forward to advocating in the coming legislative session on behalf of Maryland's twenty-four local boards of educaton and the more than 860,000 prekindergarten through 12th grade students attending our outstanding public schools each day.

2015 Legislative Positions

Priority Issues

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2014 Legislative Session

2014 Legislative Session Summary (pdf)PowerPoint Presentation

2014 Legislative Positions

2014 Testimony & Bill Highlights

Tracking Report For All 2014 Education Bills (Status of 274 bills; updated as bills are signed by the Governor)

Priority Issues

Calls to Action

GreenSheet Legislative Updates

MABE's top priorities for the 2014 Legislative Session include:

  • Support for continued governance autonomy for local boards of education to set education policy and school budgets; and opposition to unfunded mandates

    MABE supports continued autonomy for all local boards to adopt education policies that promote high standards for academic and fiscal accountability. Therefore, MABE opposes any legislative or regulatory initiatives which would have the effect of reducing local board governance or budgetary authority, or which create unfunded mandates.

  • Support for full State funding for Maryland’s outstanding public school

    ‚ÄčMABE urges the continued support of the Governor and General Assembly for full funding of public education in the FY 2015 State Budget. Our public schools are ranked Number One in the nation. Sustaining Maryland’s success at this time of rapid change and rising expectations to prepare all students to be career and college ready will require increased per pupil spending. Therefore, the FY 2015 State Budget should build on last year’s per pupil amount of $6,829 by an increase of 1 percent.  

  • Support for robust State funding for school construction and renovation projects

    MABE places a high priority on providing students high quality, healthy, and safe learning environments. Therefore, we greatly appreciate the State’s consistent investment of between $250 million and $400 million in school construction and renovation projects. The FY 2015 school construction budget should meet or exceed the $325 million provided in last year’s FY 2014 budget to ensure that all Maryland schools are better learning environments to prepare our students to be college and career ready.

  • Support for sustained local government investments in education

    Local government funding plays a critical role in each of Maryland’s twenty-four school systems to support continuous improvements in teaching and learning in the classroom. Therefore, MABE strongly supports the Maintenance of Effort reforms enacted in 2012 to ensure that adequate local operating funding is provided. Similarly, MABE supports sustaining adequate local capital funding essential to financing the construction and renovation of high quality school facilities in partnership with the State.

For additional information, contact John Woolums, MABE's Director of Governmental Relations, at (410) 841-5414 or jwoolums@mabe.org