March 22, 2018

Annapolis Advocacy Center

Programs and Services

MABE strives to be the primary voice for public education in Annapolis. Therefore, MABE represents all twenty-four local boards of education and engages the General Assembly through a comprehensive governmental relations and advocacy program. The association adopts resolutions which frame positions and priorities on major policy issues. These resolutions provide the foundation for the Legislative Positions and Priorities adopted annually by the Legislative Committee, and bill testimony presented during the legislative session. 

The Legislative Committee, including representatives from all twenty-four boards, holds monthly meetings to guide the association’s lobbying activities in Annapolis, and invites policy and legislative leaders as guest speakers to exchange ideas. During session, MABE’s bill testimony reflects the association’s resolutions and legislative positions as adopted by the membership.

The Director of Governmental Relations, in coordination with MABE leadership, conducts direct lobbying activities including written and oral testimony before the General Assembly. MABE also coordinates the Green Street Coalition, which is comprised of legislative liaisons from school systems and the superintendents association, and produces the Education Advocate, a legislative newsletter highlighting MABE’s positions, bill status updates, and Calls to Action during the legislative session.

In addition to adopting Legislative Positions and Priorities for 2018, MABE has adopted legislative position statements on the following major policy areas:

Local Board Governance Special Education Student Discipline
State Education Funding Charter Schools Student Health
School Facilities Funding Vouchers & Funding Employee Relations
Local Funding Testing & Curriculum Federal Education Funding
Unfunded Mandates School Safety & Security Boards of Education


For more information, contact John R. Woolums, Esq., MABE’s Director of Governmental Relations, at or 410-841-5414.