September 27, 2016



Standing Committees

Budget and Planning – 2015-2016 Chair: Ellen Flynn Giles

Each year, this committee proposes to the Board of Directors a balanced annual budget and establishes a dues structure adequate to support it. The committee, chaired by the treasurer, consists of one member from each member board, and meets 1-2 times during the year to accomplish their work.

MABE Awards Committee – 2015-2016 Chair: Nancy Reynolds

The Distinguished School Board Service Award was established in memory of MABE's first executive director. Presented every other year (alternating with the Carl W. Smith Excellence in Education Award), the honor recognizes a former or current board of education member for outstanding service at the local and state level.  Requests for nominations are sent to member boards in March, and the committee meets in July to determine a recipient.

The Excellence in Education Award was established in 2012 by the Maryland Association of Boards of Education to honor the retiring executive director. It may be presented every other year (alternating  with the Charles W. Willis Memorial Award) to an individual who has demonstrated exemplary leadership and service to excellence in public education in Maryland. Current and former board of education members are not eligible. Requests for nominations are sent to member boards in September, and the committee meets in January to chose a recipient. 

Conference Program – 2015-2016 Co-Chairs: Tracy McGuire and Ann De Lacy

This committee establishes the program, selects the speakers, and determines the program schedule for the annual conference. The committee meets approximately six times throughout the year and provides assistance during the conference.

Federal Relations Network – 2015-2016 Chair: Marnell Cooper

This committee meets throughout the year to discuss pending issues and coordinate meetings on Capitol Hill. The committee is comprised of board members appointed to represent the association in communicating NSBA and MABE positions to Maryland's federal delegation, including our two U.S. Senators and eight members of the U.S. House of Representatives. In addition, MABE representatives attend the annual FRN conference in Washington DC, and participate in the "Day on the Hill" congressional office visits.

Legislative – 2015-2016: Joy Schaefer, Chair; Stacy Korbelak, Vice-Chair

This committee holds monthly meetings to guide the association’s lobbying activities in Annapolis, and invites policy and legislative leaders to exchange ideas. MABE’s Director of Governmental Relations, in coordination with MABE leadership, conducts direct lobbying activities including written and oral testimony before the general assembly.

Nominating – 2015-2016 Chair: Verjeana Jacobs

This committee is comprised of board members and chaired by the immediate past president. Nominations for the board of directors are requested from member boards and then forwarded to the committee for their consideration. After deliberation, the committee submits a proposed slate of officers and board of directors members to the general membership for their consideration at the annual business meeting.

Resolutions – 2015-2016 Chair: Michael Garman

This committee reviews, edits, and forwards, with or without recommendation, all resolutions, and beliefs and policies submitted by member boards of education in accordance with the bylaws. The committee meets once prior to the annual business meeting.

Ad Hoc Committees

Bylaws – 2015-2016 Chair: Philip Kauffman

College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) – 2015-2016 Chair: Verjeana Jacobs

Policies & Procedures – 2015-2016 Chair: Thomas Carr

School Funding Adequacy – 2015-2016 Chair: Donna Brightman