November 24, 2017

Leadership Programs


Leadership I Program Overview

After completing the first year of board service, members have the opportunity for comprehensive continuing education through MABE=s Leadership I Program.  This program provides members the next level of knowledge and skills necessary to govern effectively. 

This program consists of the following elements and may be completed within 2 years:

  • A minimum of eight (8) courses selected from the Boardsmanship Academy workshops. Please note:
    • Participants must complete “Understanding the Work of the State Board” and “Key Work of School Boards” as two of the eight (8) courses
    • Attendance at the MABE Conference, NSBA Conference, NSBA Equity Symposium, NSBA Advocacy Institute, or another approved non-Academy learning opportunity can be used in place of two Boardmanship Academy workshops
  • Attendance at a board of education meeting other than your own
  • Participation in board and/or MABE leadership activities such as MABE committee membership or leadership activities on your own board
  • Up to two check-in conversations with MABE’s Director of Board Development

Workshops change from year to year and in the past have included:

  • Key Work of School Boards* – the elements of Key Work and strategies for implementing
  • Understanding the Work of the State Board* – gives board members a greater understanding of the State Board, how it operates, and the kind of decisions it makes
  • Policy Development – the policy development process including strategies for using board policies in the decision making process
  • Assessment – the elements of assessments and using data to drive student achievement
  • Leadership – understanding the nature and process of board leadership
  • Budget – the underlying components of funding formulas and budget process
  • Communication – effective skills that enhance communication with fellow board members and stakeholders
  • Working With the Media – strategies for Astaying on message@ and effectively    managing media relations
  • Team Building – components of effective teams and leadership strategies at each stage of team development
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members
  • Facilitating Meetings – strategies for effectively conducting a meeting
  • Legislative Skills – methods and strategies for working with local, state, and federal legislators to advance the public education agenda
  • Leadership in Supervision and Evaluation of the Superintendent – best practices and use of evaluation tools to achieve system goals

Program Cost:  $475.  This includes all materials, registration for Boardsmanship Academy courses, and coaching/mentoring for the duration of the program. The cost of registration for the MABE conference, NSBA events/conferences and other non-Academy education sessions are not covered by this fee.

*Course required for Leadership I Program participants

Leadership II

Building on the skills and concepts learned in Leadership I, this advanced program is designed to provide experienced board member with the next level of boardsmanship expertise.  In addition to in-depth seminars, the program combines course work and hands-on leadership activities with a specific emphasis on advocacy and community engagement.

This program consists of the following elements:

  • Four (4) courses selected from the Boardsmanship Academy courses,
  • MABE and/or NSBA conference attendance
    • Note: an observation form must be obtained from and submitted to Emily Heard ( to obtain this credit. Cost of registration for the MABE and NSBA conferences is not included in the registration fee for Leadership II.
  • Participation in MABE activities such as the Board of Directors, committee membership, conference faciliation, and seminar or academy presentation
  • Completion of 3-4 in-depth, book based seminars

Open to: members with at least two (2) years of board service and have completed the Leadership I program.

Program Cost: $400. This includes all materials, registration for Boardsmanship Academy courses, and coaching/mentoring for the duration of the program.   

Academy Fellows

The Academy Fellows program recognizes and promotes board members’ efforts toward continuous learning and professional development. As members work their way through Leadership I and II, they are on the road to earning membership in Academy Fellows.

Participants are invited to attend an initial meeting to determine the direction of board development activities and course offerings, along with assisting in sessions. This program is limited to graduates of Leadership I and II, and requires the completion of either one Boardsmanship Academy course or attendance at NSBA’s Annual Conference.

Open to:  Members who have completed Leadership I and Leadership II programs.

Program Cost:  $375. This includes admission into all Boardsmanship Academy courses.