April 25, 2018

Community Engagement

What Counts is the premier community engagement tool for boards of education seeking to open or enhance dialogue with stakeholders in their county.  Since 2005, numerous Maryland boards have convened What Counts forums with stellar results and positive feedback from participants.

What Counts asks citizens – parents, students, community members, governmental and business leaders – their perception of the local public schools, what about them is important, and what should count when assessing their productivity and success.  This sampling of the public’s perception yields data valuable to boards and staff in moving forward with continuous improvement and student achievement.

Following an initial forum, several boards have subsequently convened forums as a follow up or with a change of topic, such as What Counts With Our Budget.

What Counts: Community Conversations in Maryland (pdf)

For more information about community engagement forums, contact Molly Young, Director of Board Development, myoung@mabe.org.