About MABE


About MABE


Provide members with a strong collective voice and support local school board governance through professional development, advocacy and member services.

Founded in 1957, the Maryland Association of Boards of Education is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to serving and supporting boards of education in Maryland. MABE is a leading advocate for public education in the state. All 24 Maryland boards of education are members of MABE.

MABE Governing Documents:

2019 – 2024 Strategic Plan

MABE Bylaws – last amended at the October 6, 2022 Annual Conference Business Meeting.

Continuing Resolutions – updated at the 2023 Annual Business Meeting

2023 Annual Report

Our Vision

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MABE is a champion for excellence in public education.

Core Values

Our core values are integral to who we are and how we work. They are the guiding principles by which we conduct ourselves as we seek to fulfill our mission.

  • We serve public school boards.
  • We champion local governance.
  • We create and encourage collaborative relationships.
  • We value the diversity that enriches our school communities.
  • We champion educational equity and excellence for each student.
  • We are a safe place to learn, laugh, share, and network.


Professional Development: Enhance professional learning opportunities to meet the diverse needs of all members.

Advocacy: Enhance and refine MABE’s leadership position, among education advocates, by providing quality resources to boards, board members, and staff, effectively advocating for MABE’s positions and the role of local board governance.

Community and Business Partnerships: Provide avenues for business and nonprofits to connect with MABE member boards to facilitate student achievement, enabling them to operate more efficiently, offer benefits to staff, or generate revenue for the school system and MABE.

Communications and Marketing: Provide meaningful information to and through board members that serves and supports them in their work, informs the larger community, and communicates the value of MABE as a professional organization.

Association Governance and Management: Ensure the effective and efficient growth and functioning of the association.

Equity: Assist member boards in developing a shared understanding and vision of educational equity; by helping them to formulate and implement an equity policy that provides educational equity for each student by creating and maintaining equitable, inclusive, and diverse environments.