2022 Legislative Session

Jackie Weisman

2021 Special Session

Congressional Redistricting

The General Assembly reconvened on December 6, 2021 for a Special Session to enact legislation specifying the legislative redistricting map for Maryland's 8 congressional districts (House Bill 1/Senate Bill 1).

Veto Overrides

The Special Session also features votes to override the Governor's vetoes of bills passed in 2021.

Education-related bills (and bills concerning professional standards, community colleges, and local revenues) that are poised to become law by veto override include:

  • HB 836/SB 741 - COVID-19 Testing, Contact Tracing, and Vaccination Act of 2021 - This emergency bill requires the Maryland Department of Health (MDH), in collaboration with local health departments (LHDs) and the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), to adopt and implement a two-year plan to respond to COVID-19. (The bill mandated plans by June 1, 2021 and the provisions relating to specified COVID-19 testing/infection control  plans, additional funding for nursing homes, and insurance would terminate December 31, 2022.)
  • HB 319/SB 133 - Local Tax Relief for Working Families Act of 2021 - This bill authorizes local governments to impose the county income tax on a bracket basis and requires all local governments to impose a minimum tax rate of 2.25%. The bill also alters the local income tax rates that a jurisdiction must impose in order to qualify for enhanced State funding under the disparity grant program. This change is subject to the jurisdiction imposing the county income tax on a bracket basis.
  • HB 288/SB 183 - This bill enters Maryland into the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Interstate Licensure Compact (ASLP-IC) for audiologists and speech-language pathologists.
  • HB 970/SB 500 - This emergency bill enters Maryland into the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact for psychologists.
  • HB 894/SB 746 - This bill establishes a collective bargaining process for local community college employees including full-time faculty, part-time faculty, and specified staff but excluding officers, supervisory or confidential employees, and student assistants.

State Treasurer

The legislature is also installing Derek Davis as the new State Treasurer; he is filling the position long-held by Nancy Kopp.

2022 Legislative Session

The 2022 legislative session of the Maryland General Assembly will convene on Wednesday, January 12, 2022, and adjourn “sine die” at midnight on Monday, April 11, 2022.

Issue Papers for the 2022 Session (Education Section pp. 51-71)

2022 Session Dates of Interest

House Committee Procedures for the 2022 Session

MABE's 2022 Legislative Positions and Priorities

On November 15, 2021, MABE’s Legislative Committee adopted the following 2022 Legislative Priorities and Positions. The Legislative Committee is led by Karen Yoho, Chair (Frederick Co.), and Brenda Wolff, Vice-Chair (Montgomery Co.).

Importantly, MABE’s legislative platform for 2022 continues to reflect the association’s recognition of the devastating health, economic, and educational impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the commitment to education funding and policy actions that advance equity and excellence for each of Maryland’s nearly 1 million public school students.

For more information, contact John R. Woolums, MABE’s Director of Governmental Relations.

Legislative Position Statements

In addition to identifying legislative priorities for the 2022 session, MABE has adopted legislative position statements on the following major policy areas:

Priority Issues

Support for governance authority for local boards of education.

  • Specifically, MABE supports local board authority in exercising legislative, judicial, and executive functions, and to adopt education policies and school system budgets reflecting local priorities and resources.

Support for full State funding for Maryland’s outstanding public schools.

  • Specifically, MABE advocates for sustained increases in state and local funding in FY 2023 and beyond to support the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future law to fulfill Maryland’s constitutional duty to adopt a school funding system that ensures equity and excellence in every school.

Support for increased State funding for school construction and renovation projects.

  • Specifically, MABE advocates for increases in state and local funding in FY 2023 capital and operating budgets to support the locally prioritized school facility needs of all 24 school systems.

Support for sustained and increased local government investments in education.

  • Specifically, MABE advocates for state laws mandating investments of local property and income tax revenues in public education, including a strong “maintenance of effort” guarantee that local funding must be sustained and increased from year to year.

Equity & Excellence

  • MABE’s legislative platform reflects the association’s adoption of an equity core value, equity resolution, and equity lens. For MABE, educational equity in Maryland means providing access to essential academic, social, emotional, and economic supports in order to engage each student in rigorous well-rounded instruction toward them achieving their highest potential as learners and citizens.

The COVID-19 Pandemic & Public Education

  • MABE recognizes that all Marylanders, but more specifically our students and families, continue to cope with and recover from the historic and devastating impacts of the ongoing public health, economic, and educational crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Maryland’s school systems continue to face extraordinary burdens in teaching and learning, mental health, staffing, facilities, transportation, procurement, and many other areas.

For more information, contact John R. Woolums, MABE’s Director of Governmental Relations.

Bill Status Report

During the 2022 session, MABE will monitor all education-related bills and provided weekly bill tracking reports including MABE’s positions.


MABE Testimony

During the 2022 session, MABE will provide written and oral testimony to the Maryland Senate and House of Delegates reflecting positions in accordance with the association’s Continuing Resolutions, Legislative Priorities and Positions, and actions taken by the Legislative Committee.


Calls to Action

As MABE monitors and takes positions on bills, and Calls to Action will be distributed electronically and posted as soon as possible. If you are not receiving MABE emails, please contact Jen Beltz, Director of Communications & Marketing.

All Board Service Academies and committee meetings are virtual during this time.

If you have any questions, please email jbeltz@mabe.org.