2024 Legislative Session

Kevin Davison

2024 Legislative Session

During the 2024 session, MABE leadership and staff will provide written and oral testimony to the Maryland Senate and House of Delegates reflecting these positions and actions taken by the Legislative Committee. MABE's Legislative Committee is led by Jennifer Swickard Mallo, Chair (Howard County) and Rodney Glotfelty, Vice-Chair (Garrett County).

MABE's 2024 Legislative Positions and Priorities focus on advocacy for local board governance and adequate and equitable state and local funding. MABE has adopted position statements on other major policy issues such as student health, school safety, special education, school facilities, collective bargaining, and vouchers.

The 2024 legislative session of the Maryland General Assembly will convene on Wednesday, January 10, 2024 and adjourn "sine die" 90 days later at midnight on Monday, April 8, 2024.

For more information, contact John R. Woolums, MABE’s Director of Governmental Relations.

Legislative Positions

MABE's Legislative Positions & Priorities for the 2024 Session include position statements on the following major policy areas: 

Priority Issues

MABE’s top priorities for the 2024 Legislative Session include:

Support for governance authority for local boards of education to adopt education policies and school system budgets reflecting local priorities and resources. 

  • MABE supports broad discretion for local board decision-making authority in exercising legislative, judicial, and executive functions in accord with state and federal law and principles of equity and excellence for all students. Specifically, MABE advocates that state and local initiatives not reduce local board governance or budgetary authority or create unfunded mandates.

Support for full State funding for Maryland’s outstanding public schools.

  • MABE supports annual state education funding levels sufficient to support the costs of implementing current and new statutory and regulatory requirements. Specifically, MABE advocates for sustained increases in state funding in FY 2025 to support implementing the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future law, adjust for inflation, and support all other programs and services. Full funding is essential to fulfill Maryland’s constitutional duty to fund a statewide public education system that ensures equity and excellence in every school and classroom, and college and career readiness for every student.

Support for increased State funding for school construction and renovation projects.

  • MABE supports annual state and local capital and operating budgets commensurate with the costs of designing, building, renovating, operating, and maintaining high quality learning environments for each student in our 1,400 public schools. Specifically, MABE advocates for a state capital improvement program of at least $450 million in addition to the Built to Learn program. Additional funding is needed to replace aging schools, ensure school safety, support local priorities, and expand Prekindergarten and Career and Technical Education school facilities call for by the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future law.

Support for sustained and increased local government investments in education.

  • Funding from Maryland’s 23 counties and Baltimore City plays a critical role in the success of public education programs, services, and facilities. Specifically, MABE advocates for state laws mandating investments of local property and income tax revenues in public education, including a stronger Maintenance of Effort requirement to guarantee that local funding must not only be sustained but also increased from year to year to keep pace with inflation, rising costs, and the educational needs of students.

Bill Status Report

During the 2024 session, MABE will monitor all education-related bills and provide weekly bill tracking reports including bill status, hearing schedules, and MABE’s positions.

MABE Testimony & Correspondence

During the 2024 session, MABE will provide written and oral testimony to the Maryland Senate and House of Delegates reflecting positions in accordance with the association’s Continuing Resolutions, Legislative Priorities and Positions, and actions taken by the Legislative Committee.

Calls to Action

As MABE monitors and takes positions on bills, and Calls to Action will be distributed electronically and posted as soon as possible. If you are not receiving MABE emails, please contact Jen Beltz, Director of Communications & Marketing.