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MABE places a high priority on maintaining a positive and productive relationship with the Maryland State Board of Education. The State Board plays a major role in developing the state’s educational policies, adopting state regulations, and issuing legal opinions. Therefore, MABE staff and members of the MABE Board of Directors regularly attend the monthly meetings of the State Board, and MABE is engaged throughout the year in informing the State Board of the association’s positions on priority issues through testimony, correspondence, and meetings.

For additional information, contact John Woolums, MABE’s Director of Governmental Relations.

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The Monitor is the newsletter penned by MABE staff to provide all boards with a comprehensive summary of each State Board meeting.

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State Board Priority Issues

MABE staff tracks issues that are a priority for our members and/or the Maryland State Board of Education. Please see the list below for the current State Board priority issues.

MABE has identified the following issues currently before the Maryland State Board of Education as priorities for our members.

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The Monitor

The Monitor and selected meeting materials are uploaded to the MABE website following each Maryland State Board of Education meeting to provide local boards with timely access to the issues pending before the State Board.


July 2020 Issue - Recovery Plan Updates & Local Presentations, State Report Card Data, Charter School Regulations

June 2020 Issue - Per-Pupil Expenditure Report, Education Recovery Plan, Student Suspensions and Arrest Data

May 2020 Issue - Federal CARES Act, Education Recovery Plan, Distance Learning Participation, State Regulations

April 2020 v2 Issue - Interscholastic sports cancellation, Education Recovery Plan, Teacher and Principal Evaluations, Nonpublic School Instructional Day Waiver, Teacher Certification, Grading and Reporting

April 2020 Issue - Meals/Food Distribution, Continuity of Learning, Waiver Requests, Calendar Modification Requests

March 2020 Issue - Ratifying State Superintendent’s Closing of Schools, Federal Accountability and Assessment Waiver, Social Studies Standards Regulations, Session Summary, COVID-19 Update, Superintendent Search

February 2020 Issue - Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate, Advanced Placement & SAT, Assessment Graduation Performance Requirement, Change to MISA Structure, Maryland Report Card Update

January 2020 IssueUpdate on Student Support Initiatives and Research on Achievement Gaps, Maryland Report Card Analysis,   Change to High School MISA Structure



December 2019 Issue - Maryland 2018-2019 Report Card, Graduation Task Force

October 2019 Issue - Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP), Algebra I Assessment, Career and Technical Education Four-Year State Plan

September 2019 Issue - 2019 State Assessment Results, Financial Reporting Requirements, Heroin and Opioid Epidemic, Educator Preparation Program Regulations

August 2019 Issue - Election of Officers, 2019 Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP), Graduation Task Force, School Safety Update

July 2019 Issue - Student Discipline Regulations, Lead Higher Report, The Blueprint for Maryland's Future, CSM Initiative

June 2019 Issue - Graduation Task Force, SRCL Grant, State Board Membership

May 2019 Issue - Review of School Transfer Appeals, Graduation Task Force, State Standards in Social Studies, Digital Learning Standards

April 2019 Issue - Educator Certification, ESSA Accountability Update, Maryland High School Graduation Task Force, Juvenile Services Education System

March 2019 Issue - Educator Certification, Maryland Integrated Science Assessment, Improving the Teacher Evaluation System

February 2019 Issue - ESSA Accountability Update and Data Analysis, Educator Certification, and Curriculum Vetting Regulation

January 2019 Issue - Kindergarten Readiness Results, Educator Preparation Programs: Standards and Competencies, PGCO Performance Audit Review






December 2018 Issue - Principals of the Year recognition, PGCO Performance Audit Review, ESSA Report Cards, and Teacher Certification

October 2018 Issue - Superintendent Qualifications, ESSA Implementation, and High School Graduation Task Force Recommendations

September 2018 Issue - PARCC Supplemental Results, ESSA Implementation, and School Discipline

August 2018 Issue - State Board Hears 2018 Maryland PARCC Results, Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program Update and Hears Presentation of Four-Year-Old Curriculum Project

July 2018 Issue - State Board nominates Hartings as President and Izsard as Vice President, ESSA Implementation, and Online Learning Policies

June 2018 Issue - State Board Discusses ESSA Implementation, Assessment Data Comparisons, and Plan for Principal and Teacher Evaluations

May 2018 Issue - State Board Discusses National Assessment of Educational Progress, ESSA Implementation, Online Learning Policies, and Teacher of the Year

April 2018 Issue - State Board Discusses Teacher Certification Assessments, Charter School Grant Updates, ESSA and School Calendar Waivers

March 2018 Issue – State Board Discusses Definition for “At-Risk” School, Establishment of Office of Compliance and Oversight, School Calendar Waiver/Modification Requests

February 2018 Issue – State Board Discusses MCAP, Early Childhood Education and ESSA Waivers

January 2018 Issue – State Board Discusses Baltimore City School Facilities, KRA Data, and Prince George’s Graduation Rates Audit



For archived issues of the Monitor, please contact the MABE office at 410-841-2493

All Board Service Academies and committee meetings are virtual during this time.

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