The Education Advocate


The Education Advocate, a legislative update provided weekly during the legislative session, is sent electronically as a member service. The publication was formerly known as The GreenSheet. If you are not currently receiving The Education Advocate but would like to, please contact Jackie Weisman, Director of Communications & Marketing.

2019 Legislative Session

Volume 1 (12-14-18): MABE Legislative Priorities, Positions & Highlights

Volume 2 (1-2-19): Kirwan Commission Updates, Legislative Day Luncheon - Save the Date

Volume 3 (1-14-19): 2019 Sessions Commences, Key Committee Contacts, FRN Advocacy Institute

Volume 4 (1-18-19): School Calendar Bill, Kirwan Commission Interim Report, MABE Briefs Ways & Means Committee

Volume 5 (1-25-19): School Calendar Bill Hearings on Jan. 30th, MABE Briefs Senate Education Committee, FRN Committee/Advocacy Institute

Volume 6 (2-4-19): Action Alert – Urge Support for the School Calendar Bills, Legislative Committee Updates, FRN Committee/Advocacy Institute

Volume 7 (2-9-19): School Calendar Bill Passing in Senate, Kirwan Commission Update & Other MABE Priorities, Updates on Bill Hearings

Volume 8 (2-15-19): School Calendar Bill Passes in Senate, Kirwan Commission Report Released, Bill Hearing Updates, Bill Status & Highlights

Volume 9 (2-25-19): Legislative Day Highlights, Legislative Committee Update, Bill Status & Hearing Updates

Volume 10 (3-5-19): Kirwan Commission Bills Arrive, Bill Highlights

Volume 11 (3-12-19): March for Our Schools, State Budget Update, Kirwan Bill Highlights, Accountability & Kirwan

Volume 12 (3-15-19): State Budget & Kirwan Funding Updates, Governor Speaks Out on Accountability, School Construction Funding Update

ACTION ALERT (3-19-19): Contact Your Legislators Today to Fully Fund Kirwan!

Volume 13 (3-30-19): State Budget & Kirwan Funding Updates, School Calendar Bill Veto Override, School Construction Funding Update

2018 Legislative Session

Issue 4-09-18: Twelfth Week of Session

Issue 4-02-18: Eleventh Week of Session 

Issue 3-23-18: Tenth Week of Session 

Issue 3-16-18: Ninth Week of Session

Issue 3-9-18: Eighth Week of Session

Issue 3-6-18: Seventh Week of Session

Issue 2-23-18: Sixth Week of Session

Issue 2/16/18: Fifth Week of Session

Issue 2/9/18: Fourth Week of Session

Issue 1/30/18: Third Week of Session

Issue 1/25/18: Second Week of Session

Issue 1/15/18: First Week of Session

Issue 1/8/18: MABE Responds to Governor Hogan’s Legislative Initiatives on School System Accountability

Issue 1/5/18: MABE Legislative Priorities, Positions & Highlights