2018 Legislative Session Wrap-Up

Jackie Weisman

The 2018 legislative session of the Maryland General Assembly was convened on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 and adjourned “sine die” at midnight on Monday April 9, 2018. The session saw the introduction of 1,846 House bills and 1,280 Senate bills. Of these 3,126 bills and resolutions, MABE tracked more than 400 bills, and provided testimony and advocated on nearly 80 House bills and more than 60 Senate Bills. Read more in the 2018 Legislative Session Summary

The Safe to Learn Act of 2018

Jackie Weisman

In the final week of the 2018 legislative session, a more than 40-page piece of legislation was drafted, amended, and ultimately enacted as the Maryland Safe to Learn Act of 2018 (Senate Bill 1265, Chapter 30). This new law restructures the governance system for overseeing school safety policies and grants, calls for staffing guidelines regarding adequate law enforcement coverage at all schools, and calls for an expanded role of local school systems in coordinating students’ mental health services. (Read More)

MABE Responds to Governor's Legislative Initiatives



On January 8, 2018, Governor Larry Hogan held a press conference and issued a press release to announce that he will release $2.5 million for emergency repairs in Baltimore City Schools, and also announced that he will introduce two major education reform bills. One bill would rewrite the 2017 Protect Our Schools Act to, in part, increase the role of student test results in determining school performance (from 65% to 80%). A second bill, the Education Accountability Act, would create a state-level inspector general within the Maryland State Dept. of Education to take complaints on matters ranging from school facility conditions to school finance, procurement, and ethics.
(Press Conference video on Facebook and on Twitter.)  (More …)