Governor Revises Executive Order to Mandate Calendars



On October 11, 2016, Governor Hogan issued an amended Executive Order to forestall the intention of the State Board of Education to consider and grant waivers from the post-Labor Day through June 15 school year based on a local board of education's showing that commencing their academic calendar before Labor Day would provide educational benefit to students.

The new Executive Order repeals the previous waiver language and insists that the State Board follow formal regulatory procedures in adopting waiver criteria. In addition, the Order requires that local boards establish a “compelling justification” for any requested waiver by satisfying all elements stipulated in the Order. Waivers appear to be limited to individual schools with innovative programs justifying the waiver.  

On October 5, 2016, MABE members from across the State adopted revisions to MABE's Continuing Resolutions, which provide the foundation for the association's legislative and policy positions in the coming year. The resolution on Local Board of Education Governance Authority was amended to emphasize that MABE opposes any executive or legislative initiatives that have the effect of reducing or circumscribing local board authority … encourages local boards to work in conjunction with the State Board of Education … and advocates for and supports legislation to clarify that local board governance authority is not subject to executive orders by the Governor.” 

Today, in the wake of an even more prescriptive Executive Order specifying the types of waivers the State Board of Education may consider, MABE reiterates the assocaition's recently adopted resolution in support of action in defense of the principle and operation of local governance of education policy matters. 


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