Claims Center

The MABE Claims Unit was established in 1997 to administer the Insurance Claims generated by the Group Insurance Pool and the Workers’ Compensation Group Self-Insurance Fund.

The formation of the Claims Unit brought about the handling of the claims within MABE, which previously been contracted out. The mission of the Claims Unit is to protect the assets of the Pool and Fund, while handling all claims in a professional and ethical manner, and providing our members exceptional customer service.

The Claims Unit consists of 12 individuals who handle the various lines of coverage offered members of the Fund and Pool including Workers Compensation, Auto Liability, Auto First Party, General Liability, Property and School Board Legal Liability.

If you have any questions, please contact Claims Manager John O’Donoghue.

Report a Claim

We have online reporting capability for Workers Compensation claims or you can use the form below. For all other Coverages please report claims using below forms and directions. If reporting via email we recommend you use an encrypted email service such as ShareFile or a comparable encrypted email service.

Workers Compensation First Report of Injury

Witness Statement Form

  • Download the form here

Property Loss Form

  • Download the form here
  • Email PLClaims or fax to 410.841.2669

General Liability Report

Automobile Accident Loss Report

Claim Unit Staff

John O'Donoghue  |  Claims Associate Director


Liability Claim Unit

Susan Yost  |  Liability Supervisor

Kate Dorsett  |  Senior Adjuster

Kim Berry  |  Adjuster


Support Staff

Crystal Grant  |  Claims Assistant

Pending  |  Claims Assistant

Pending  |  Claims Assistant

Workers' Compensation Unit

Tina Gates  |  Workers' Compensation Supervisor

Tony Curro  |  Senior Adjuster

Pending  |  Adjuster

Miriam Morrow  |  Adjuster

Toni Beverly |  Adjuster