Partner Programs

MABE partners with select companies, providing member districts with services that enable them to operate more efficiently, offer benefits to staff, or generate revenue. MABE Partnership Services contribute to the mission of serving and supporting Maryland boards of education. In addition to the programs listed below, MABE also offers several partnership insurance services.

For more information, contact Milton Nagel or Jen Beltz.

BoardDocs was developed specifically for school boards, local governments, and other private and public boards to alleviate the enormous task of assembling, printing, distributing and revising agenda items and policies. Our unique, state-of-the-art solutions increase transparency in governance, save taxpayers money and have a positive effect on the environment. Visit the BoardDocs website for more information.

Flexible Benefit Administrators - With over 29 years of business experience in benefit administration, we are confident you will find our personalized administrative services are exactly what you have been missing.

KPPC: A Keenan Solution – Pharmacy expenses are a major driver of increasing health care costs. Between 2015 and 2020, annual drug expenditures are expected to increase over 40%. The Keenan Pharmacy Purchasing Coalition (KPPC) is an innovative pharmacy program that delivers cost savings and the most advanced prescription management capabilities for your employee benefit offering. KPPC allows you to take advantage of volume discount pricing and the most generous manufacturer rebates, while providing guaranteed improvement in drug cost management without changing your existing plan design.

Milestone Communications is a community friendly approach to wireless communications. Smartpole wireless towers blend in with the environment, using treepoles, lightpoles, monopoles, and flagpoles, enabling local school systems to share recurring revenues from wireless carriers. Download the Wicomico County Public Schools case study.