Major New Programs launched by MABE in 2023 to Benefit Maryland School Systems Show Impressive Early Results

Jennifer Beltz

In promising year-end business and wellness news, the Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE) has announced significant progress already achieved in two new statewide initiatives it launched in 2023 – the MABE Health Center Program through Everside Health, and the MABE-MACo Time to Care Act Collaborative. Enthusiastic early feedback received from Maryland school systems participating in the initiatives is particularly welcome, given ongoing budget challenges tied to implementation of the state’s costly Blueprint for Maryland’s Future plan to transform public education statewide.

“When it comes to the MABE Health Center Program, we see a huge opportunity to help equip school systems with innovative, proven cost savings solutions so they can offer different options to school system employees who value and appreciate their benefits. Many employees, especially support staff, are working explicitly for health coverage and care access for themselves and for their families,” according to MABE Executive Director Milt Nagel. “Whether it’s health care or other costs, it only makes sense that we do all we can to help make our offerings the best they can be in today’s challenging climate. We’re still in early days for our initiatives launched this year, but I am optimistic that we will reach our goal of doubling the number of MABE Health Centers by this time next year, with the added goal of seeing that all Maryland school systems benefit from the MABE-MACo Time to Care Act Collaborative.”

To learn further details about the MABE Health Center Program and the MABE-MACo Time to Care Act Collaborative, visit MABE’s related Dec. 11, 2023 press release here.

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