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December 17, 2012



Programs for Adults with Disabilities memo

Race to the Top Program Evaluation memo

School Progress Index memo

Secondary Principal and Assistant Principal of the Year memo

US Department of Education Letter regarding RTTT

World Languages memo

CAIRE Final Report

CAIRE Presentation

Master Plan presentation

Master Plan Updates memo

MD School Progress Index publication

National Distinguished Title 1 memo


October 31, 2012



2012 HSA, Graduation, Drop Out & School Progress Report

COMAR Intervention Services to Infant & Toddler, Memo & Regs

COMAR Payment of Transcript Fees, Memo & Regs

COMAR Principal Induction Program, Memo & Regs

COMAR School Counselor, Memo & Regs

Waiver Request, COMAR Programs in Tech Ed, Memo & Regs


September 25, 2012



Budget Estimates and Requests

COMAR, Digital Learning & MD Public Education

PARCC Update, College & Career Readiness

RTTT, Early Learning Challenge Grant

Standards for Braille Code

Teacher Staffing Report, Approval of Critical Shortage Areas

Update on Financial Reporting Requirements

County Library Capital Projects Grant Program



August 28, 2012




Children in State Supervised Care: Enrollment Regulations and Memo

Government High School Assessment: Memo & Regulations

Race to the Top Focus Area: Teacher Induction Academies, Memo & Flowchart

Science MSA Results: Memo & Presentation

Advance Professional Certification: Memo (PSTEB Action)Memo & Regulations

Teacher Certification Praxis II: Memo

Foster Children/Homeless Student Regulations: Memo & Regulations

MSDE & Library Program Capital Budget: Memo

State Board Meeting Calendar

July 24, 2012




Facilities Guidelines for School Courtyards

Discipline Report, Final, with Regulations

Universal Design for Learning Comments

Task Force Creation, Concussion Regulations

COMAR Payment of Transcript Fees

MSA Results

National Board Candidates Fee Incentive Programs

2013 Proposed State Board Meeting Dates

June 26, 2012



COMAR, Student Attendance  Policy, Suspended Students

COMAR, School Counselors

COMAR, Teacher and Principal Evaluation

RTTT Focus Area: Dashboard, Overview of Student Alerts

Current Character Counts and PBIS Data

Student Athletes, Concussion Education

Memo – Student Alert Dashboard

Memo – Proposed  APC Changes

Memo – Principal and Assistant Principal of the Year

Emergency Regulations: Online Learning & Maryland Public Education

Memo – National Board Candidates Fee Incentive

Memo – National Green Ribbon Schools Award

Memo – Maryland Superintendent of the Year

Making Decisions about Proposed Regulatory Changes

May 22, 2012



Agenda Items:

Alternative Governance memo & plans

Progress Report on Proposed Amendments to Certification memo & report

Discipline Report memo

Maryland Association of Student Councils memo

Local Teachers of the Year memo & handout


April 24, 2012



Agenda Items:

COMAR, Programs for Homeless Children

RTTT Focus Area: STEM Standards of Practice & STEM Education Definition

Transition to the New Assessment System & Common Core

Recognition of Maryland's Milken National Educator

Government High School Assessment

Final Legislative Update

GED Testing Program

Alternative Governance Proposal

Request for Calendar Modifications

COMAR, World Languages

COMAR, General Secondary Areas, Trades & Industry, Other Academic Subjects

COMAR, Appeal Contents

March 27, 2012



Agenda Items:

RTTT Focus Area: PARCC Update

MSDE Website Update

Online Learning & MD Public Education

Proposed Regulatory Changes (PSTEB)

Teacher & Principal Evaluation

Universal Design for Learning

March 28, 2012 – MABE comments on student discipline report & proposed COMAR changes

February 28, 2012



Race to the Top Focus Area: Transition to the Common Core Standards –Memo Handouts

Update: Next Generation Science Standards –Memo & Handout

English Language Development Standards –Memo

Regulatory Changes – School Counselors –Memo –Handout

Gifted and Talented Education –Memo & Handout –Dec. 16, 2011 Public Comment

Report: A Safe School, Successful Students, and a Fair and Equitable Disciplinary Process Go Hand in Hand Report

Legislative Update –Memo Handout (bills) –Handout (proposed shift)

Public  Comment –Comment, Stephen C. Bounds, Director of Policy & Legal Services, MABE

 January 24, 2012


Teacher Certification Regulations – Specialized Professional Areas  – Child Support:Enforcement

Race to the Top Update – Annual Report

Race to the Top Focus Area: Early Learning Challenge Grant – MemoPresentation

Common Core Standards Curriculum & Assessment Update – Memo3rd Wave of Reform TimelineTesting TimelinePARCC TimelineAssessment Design

Educator Effectiveness Council Report – Memo

PSTEB Report

ESEA Flexibility/Waiver Request – MemoPresentation

Financial Literacy Education Update – Memo,  ReportWaivers

Federal Update

 December 2011



State Board Appeal Filing Procedures & Deadline Regulations

National Distinguished Title I Schools

Race to the Top Focus Area: The Breakthrough Center Memo and Presentation

Master Plan Update Memo and Presentation

Long-Term Discipline: Procedures and Educational Services MemoJoshua Parker's RemarksMichelle Shearer Remarks

Academic Eligibility for Sports Guidelines

MSDE Legislative Proposal Background Checks for Informal Childcare Providers

State Superintendent Search: Results of Public Input on Leadership Profile Memo and Draft Report

ESEA Flexibility Application Update

MSDE's Federal Legislative Priorities

Whistleblower Protection Regulations

Reportable Offenses Regulations

Student Records Manual Regulations

PSTEB Proposed Teacher Certification Regulations – Secondary Content Areas – CTE-Related Changes to Content Areas – World Languages