MABE’s “Leading for Educational Equity Through School Board Governance” Workbook is Now Available

Workbook Cover

Maryland law makes school boards responsible for the creation of educational policies designed "to provide quality education and equal educational opportunity for all children." Boards also are directed to seek ways to "promote the interests of the schools" within their systems. This, combined with how educational equity is an established priority of the Maryland State Board of Education, led MABE's Educational Equity Committee to create the "Leading for Educational Equity Through School Board Governance" workbook, a key resource for board members in this increasingly important area.

While this timely 48-page workbook is written with Maryland's 24 boards of education in mind, the Leading for Educational Equity Through School Board Governance workbook nonetheless may potentially apply to any school board -- in or outside of Maryland -- charged with developing effective educational equity policies for its school system or district.

MABE’s Facilitator’s Guide, a companion piece to our Leading for Educational Equity Through School Board Governance workbook, is now available! Original planning for MABE’s ongoing Educational Equity project included recommending that school boards undertake this challenging process with assistance from an experienced facilitator. Our Facilitator’s Guide was designed by MABE’s Educational Equity Committee to serve as a tool for helping facilitators lead productive, robust dialogue with school board members that brings a heightened awareness regarding their important role in promoting educational equity.

Importantly, both our Facilitator’s Guide and the workbook itself have been designed to support Maryland school boards in crafting related educational equity policy as required by Maryland law, and to help equip school board members with the information, scenarios, and relevant resources they need to best carry out their work in this important realm.

Additional copies of MABE’s Facilitator’s Guide are available. To order, please contact Anne Smith (Ph: 443-603-0392).

Workbook: Leading for educational equity through school board governance: a facilitators's guide. Getting your board ready for analysis, action & accomplishment


Should you have any questions about MABE’s Leading for Educational Equity Through School Board Governance workbook, or MABE’s new Facilitator’s Guide and related trainings, please feel free to contact Debra Daniel or Ph: (443) 603-0391.


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