Legal Services Seminars

Legal Services Association Seminars

MABE’s Legal Services Association assists members through education, representation, and advocacy. Below are upcoming seminars which will provide relevant, timely information on legal hot topics and recent developments in the law.

For further information, contact MABE Director of Legal & Policy Services Debra Daniel at (443) 603-0391.


Upcoming 2024 Legal Services Association Seminars:


  • July 11: Principal Law Seminar (9:30 am - Noon) (Click HERE to Register)
  • September 24: Student Services Law Seminar (9:30 am - Noon) (Click HERE to Register)
  • September 26: Special Education Law Seminar (9:30 am - Noon) (Click HERE to Register)


Examples of future topics may include:

  • Internet Law and the Schools
  • Religion in the Schools
  • Freedom of Speech in the Schools
  • Search and Seizure
  • Student-on-Student Sexual Harassment

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Other Professional Development Offerings

MABE offers a diverse range of ongoing training opportunities for our members. Some programs can be customized to meet your local board's unique needs. For additional information, please contact Molly Young, Director of Board Development.