New Board Member Orientation

New Board Member Orientation; Jan 31, 2022  (Virtual) $150 | Register
Student New Board Member Orientation; Aug 4, 2022 (Virtual) $75 | Register
New Board Member Orientation; Dec 8, 2022 (9:30 am - 4:30 pm; Virtual) $150 | Register

This program is designed to teach the essentials of school governance, enabling new members to quickly assume an active role in school board decision making. Orientation will introduce the Key Work of School Boards and immerse members in the basics of school law, policy, finance, advocacy, and more.

New Board Member Orientation is open to all new board of education members.

For information about upcoming orientations, please contact Molly Young, Director of Professional Development.

Other Professional Development Offerings

MABE offers a diverse range of ongoing training opportunities for our members. Some programs can be customized to meet your local board's unique needs. For additional information, please contact Molly Young, Director of Board Development.