Workers’ Compensation Fund

The MABE Workers' Compensation Group Self-Insurance Fund was organized in 1984 and operates under regulations promulgated by the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission.  It provides statutorily required workers' compensation coverage for all employees of the member school systems, should they suffer compensable work related injuries.  We strive to ensure that injured workers are returned to work when possible, and that they receive all reasonable and necessary medical care.

The Trust has grown since its inception and there are now 17 Maryland school systems that participate in the Fund.  The Fund is governed by a Board of Trustees, one from each member and four named by MABE.  The MABE Executive Director serves as an ex officio Trustee.  The Trustees operate under terms of the Trust and Indemnity Agreement and Bylaws.

The Trust engages MABE to provide Administrative Services for the Fund.  This includes Claims Administration which is handled by the MABE Claims Unit and Risk Management services offered by MABE's two Risk Management Officers.

For more information about the Fund, contact Fund Administrator Milton Nagel.